Bloom Parks
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Instruments of donation

By check in favor of “Bloom Parks & Projects” mailed to Bloom Parks & Projects, C/O Dr. Amit Taggarse 1012 E. Dove Ave. #14 McAllen TX 78504.

BPP is a registered nonprofit 501c3 and a tax exemption certificate will be emailed to you, please provide your email during donation.

Mission and Plan Statement

Mission Statement

To nurture the future, so every bud and every child can blossom.

Vision and Plan

To create a supportive group of individuals who wish to contribute their time and love towards nurturing all children in the community but with special focus on those who are underprivileged and with special needs, by providing mentorship, teaching good values and organizing joyful and educational events regularly and during holidays.

To create a place of joy, Bloom Park, a 10 acre piece of property in Edinburg, Texas, as an event center for safe and fun community activities with a petting zoo, pony rides, fishing pond, cycling track, art and craft room, Bloom café and kitchen, prayer room, outdoor sports, greenhouses and flower gardens.

Rough Plan of Bloom Parks and Projects (10 Acres)

Fencing All Around The Area Shown

Rough Plan

Timeline of Progress

  • Idea for Creation of Bloom Parks/Projects 01/01/21

  • Formal Creation of Non-profit via certificate of formation in State of TX 11/04/2021

  • Formal Creation of Non-profit via certificate of formation in State of TX 11/04/2021

  • Obtaining certifications of solicitation from potential donor states. So far states of CT, IL, NJ, AZ and TX have provided these certificates. Working on CA

  • Produced write-up on current status and more detailed plan produced. Work will start on prioritized action items as funding is arranged.

Brief History of Bloom Parks and Projects

  • Dr. Amit Taggarse purchased a 50 acre ranch in the town of Edinburg, Texas with the plan of developing a park for underprivileged children from surrounding towns where they can learn how to fish the pond that is part of the park, learn to care for animals, develop comradery with other children, have some picnics and enjoy their time at the park

  • His motivation came from his parents (late Dr Sudha Taggarse and late Dr Kishore Taggarse) who had done similar things back in their home country of India. They were passionate about helping underprivileged children, their parents, their staff at the hospital and the society in general. Dr. Amit imbibed those qualities from his childhood and had this idea of creating similar facilities in USA and in India

  • The passion and motivation that Dr Amit imbibed led him to the idea of creating BPP in 2021 and culminated in deciding to donate a 10-acre lot within the ranch for the creation of Bloom Parks and Projects (BPP). Initially it will be leased to the nonprofit and eventually the ownership will be transferred to the nonprofit.

  • A board of directors was formed in Nov. 2021 and meets bi-monthly to discuss the progress, plans etc.

  • A nonprofit business account has been opened with US Bank for depositing donations and reimbursing any labor that may be hired to work in BPP.

  • All members and directors work on a voluntary basis.

Immediate plans that require funding from donors

  • Install irrigation system to water existing and future trees, plants. Provide water to animals (water tank and basic components are already purchased)

  • Harden the small animal cages used for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, birds etc.

  • Get estimates for constructing a small office structure to use as the office for BPP staff. Architecture should allow for extension of the premises for a cafeteria and meeting place

  • If enough funds are collected then hire a temporary/part-time hand to supervise watering system, animals etc. Currently, the animals are being taken care of on a voluntary basis.

Current Board of Directors

  • Dr. Amit Taggarse, Founder member & Director

  • Ms. Rati Tripathi, Director - Mentorship programs


The Bloom Park, McAllen TX, USA

Bloom Cafe : Let’s coffee, let’s chat
Janani Art Center
Narayana Bloom Pond
Arjuna Archery Center
Ashwin Horseback Riding Club
Bloom Prayer Garden
Noah’s Ark Petting Zoo
Serengeti Deer Park
Tarzan Tree House
Bloom Community Vegetable Garden
Bloom Recycling Center & Compost Pit
Bloom Sports Center
Bloom Camp Ground

SK Bloom Park, Hyderabad, India.

Bloom Prayer Garden : with Lotus and Fish Pond & “Mother nursing child sculpture”, named “Santanalaxmi” - signifying “unconditional love” (Love without expectations)
SK-Bloom Orphanage and School
SK Rural Health Clinic
The Bloom café : Let’s coffee, let’s chat
Noah’s Ark Petting Zoo
Kishore Function Hall & Event Center
Corporate Office of SKT Welfare Society, non-profit.
(Dr. Sudha & Dr. Kishore Taggarse Welfare Society, Hyderabad, India)

Bloom magazine

Bloom Event calendars.
Articles and photographs of Mother Nature & her splendors.
Inspiring Bloom stories.

Contact Us

Dr. Amit Taggarse
President & Director
BPP Office: 1012 E. Dove Ave. #14
McAllen TX 78504.
Bloom Park address
10220 N. Big 5 Road,
Edinburg TX 78541

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